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The Meteorological Education and Secondary-school Outreach (MESO) program encourages university meteorology majors to use their knowledge as a tool for outreach to non-meteorologists. The components of this outreach include press releases, online web-based learning modules, and summer workshops. To see what is here, and to learn more about the MESO program, use the navigation bar at the top left of these pages.

  • October 2007: Over the summer, a team of local high school science teachers developed a suite of supplemental assessments and activities to accompany our modules. These additional materials are now available online on the "Teachers" page.
  • February 2007: After much hard work, the websites are now full functional on the new NCSU server! We will begin working with high school teachers from Wake County, North Carolina in the coming months.
  • September 2006: After a fatal server crash at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the modules have been moved to their new location at North Carolina State University.
  • In the summer of 2006, undergraduate students from North Carolina State University produced MESO's second pair of web-based learning modules: Hurricanes and Winter Weather. The lessons will be ready for use later in 2006.
  • September 2005: The Thunderstorms and Weather Systems learning modules "go live"! Access them by clicking on "Students" in the navigation bar at the top left of these pages.
  • In the summer of 2005, undergraduate students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln produced MESO's first web-based outreach tools for secondary-school students. The web-based lessons will be available in late summer of 2005.
  • Watch your local Nebraska newspaper for information about the latest in severe weather forecasting and research from MESO during the spring and summer months of 2005!
  • The MESO program was kicked off on Saturday, 19 March 2005, at the Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium. This event was held at Lincoln East High School, in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was attended by roughly 3,000 people! We set out to explain the outreach program and discuss some startling statistics about hazardous weather and Nebraskans' awareness of it! This was in addition to the many other great events held at the symposium.